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Simply Seville

The experiences I lived in Seville will never leave my memory. Not only did I make lasting friendships while learning about the intricate Andalusian culture, I immersed myself in a new experience, a new challenge. Here are a few pictures that captivate the essence of my favorite memories in Seville. Advertisements

My (short) time in Madrid!

My time in Madrid only consisted of two days! Here are some snapshots I took that captivate the essence of my time in Madrid.

Taste the Food, Experience the Culture

I admit it, I’m a foodie. So naturally, I’m always fascinated by the different flavors I taste when I’m abroad. During my time in Spain this summer, this was no different. I’ve been to Spain before so I knew more or less the type of gastronomy of the country. However, this trip allowed me to […]

My African Adventure

The fact that Spain is located in such a perfect spot in the Mediterranean makes it an ideal destination to travel to and from. During my travels throughout Spain this summer, I was lucky enough to visit Africa for the first time. I embarked to Morocco on a Friday, taking advantage of some free time […]

Seville’s Plaza de España, A Real Sight for Sore Eyes

It’s very common to stumble upon a “Plaza de España” during one’s travels. Madrid has it’s own Plaza as well as Barcelona. Actually, many cities in Spain boast of their famed “plazas.” However, Seville’s Plaza de España is something completely out of the ordinary. Upon entering the Plaza de España in Seville, I felt its majestic grandiosity. […]

Flamenco, ¡Olé!

Traveling to Spain without experiencing flamenco is like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower… It’s a must! To be entirely submerged in the culture, my peers and I attended two flamenco shows while in Spain. We also visited the world’s first and only flamenco museum, located in Seville. We learned in the […]

Seville: No Plans, No Problem

As I pace down the cobblestone streets, I feel groggy and disoriented. My jetlag is still kicking in and I don’t think I can handle anything other than a siesta. I climb onto the marble bench on the fountain facing the enormous Giralda tower and I can feel the coolness of the marble against my […]